Process Instrumentation

Process control and the related instrumentation are essential to ensure high safety and performance standards, that help achieve high operating standards in industrial operations, supporting efficiency and productivity targets.

Fully integrated process control systems significantly reduce both engineering tasks and operating and service costs across the system lifecycle.

The integrated version control systems accelerate system validation.

The integrated alarm management and trending systems offer clear information with no additional expensive expert system.


  • Flow transducers, regulators and recorders for paste, steam, gas, liquids, wastewater discharge into open channels and chemical products
  • Compensate measurement chain for gas and steam
  • Video graphical recorders with USB interfaces and RJ45 ports
  • Pressure transducer and regulator for steam, gas or paste
  • Level transducers and regulators for paste, liquid and powder
  • Water head transducers in inflow container
  • Gauges and regulators for Ph, conductivity and turbidity
  • Gauges, regulators and valves for density control
  • Single/Multi-loop process regulators
  • Accessories for burners: valves, servo controls, pressure gauges, photocells, flame relays, alarm signals, PT100/thermocouple
  • Pumps, membrane/piston and/or pneumatic dosing pumps
  • Electric, electronic, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control panels
  • Regulation valves and positioning units
  • Butterfly valves for liquids, gas, paste
  • Blade and ball valves for liquids, water, paste
  • Segment valves for liquids, steam, gas, paste
  • Globe valves (2 or 3 way) for water, air, steam, diathermic oil
  • Single- and double-acting pneumatic and electro-pneumatic (analog and digital) positioning units (also with stainless steel enclosure) for applications on linear and rotary valves


  • Basis weight segment valves
  • Electronic control oscillators for washing collectors
  • Dosing and adjusting systems for chemical products/dyes


  • Maintenance support for self-adjusting valves
  • Service and maintenance for field measurement instrumentation
  • Service and maintenance for automatic adjustment systems (level, flow, dosing, steam plants)
  • Dimensioning of regulation, basis weight and density valves
  • P&I and process control instrumentation design


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