Predictive Maintenance

Predicting and preventing failures improves the efficiency and safety of plants, while increasing their profitability.

Using leading-edge measurement methods, we can help identify possible anomalies in advance, safeguarding the production process and improving the economic impact of maintenance.


  • Thermographic surveys to identify critical situations and monitor plant efficiency.
  • Analysis of power grids for optimized checking, planning and management.
  • Noise identification and signal integrity check
  • Analysis of vibration generated by plants (basic and advanced analysis)
  • Static and dynamic electric analysis on motors and generators to identify possible differences that might affect performance
  • Infield calibration of rotary parts to minimize the effects of vibration on structure and bearings


Our staff, with Level III certification from the Vibration Institute and 20-year experience, can offer support for the implementation of predictive services, presenting maintenance systems and methods and delivering training courses to help the customer personnel handle new tasks in a simple and targeted manner.

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