In Sadas, we design, deliver, install and test low, medium and high voltage power distribution systems, with a strong focus on plant and people safety, designed to ensure improved operating efficiency.

We can execute many types of operations, providing our customers with a highly specialized and professional service:

  • High-Voltage Substations
  • High/Medium-Voltage Transformers
  • Medium/High-Voltage Booster
  • Medium-Voltage Cabinets
  • Supervisory and Control Systems

Sadas offers unified solutions for the operation of power distribution systems, from secondary substations up to NCC level..

We can supply all the components and we can also integrate materials provided by the customer or as required for specific needs. We also lay down the cables and electric connections for the plants we design or supervise. 

We pay special attention to the safety of operators, who can work on each starter in full safety without disabling other users. 

We can meet all requests for the design and construction of electric systems, power distribution cabinets or expansion of existing electric systems and testing of industrial electric systems.

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